Saturday, January 8, 2011


These creatures look like halflings who have been severed vertically, so that only one half of their body is left. They are also known as hoppits.

They are often vicious and spiteful creatures. Perhaps they have cause, having obviously been created because some god thought of a pun. Also they find the traditional pleasures of halflings very difficult: lighting a pipe really needs two hands, and if they eat too much they get too lop-sided and fall over. They also have poor depth perception.


  1. Southwest Africans, the Chinese, the 1001 nights, and noisms all had half-a guy as a monster. Always liked the idea.

  2. I didn't...but I think there was something like this in one of the Narnia books.

  3. Monopods, Voyage of The Dawn Treader. They had an uglyfying spell cast upon them, so they made themselves invisible. Later asked the Narnians to make them visible again.


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