Monday, January 10, 2011

Sheets of Eyes

The Sheet of Eyes, or Sheet of Eyes and Tongues, is flat and highly malleable like a bedsheet. It is covered all over with human-like eyes of various colours and sizes, and likewise with mouths.

It is said to visit its victims in the night and cover them. This does them no direct harm. But the feeling of waking up to find the creature's eyelashes and lips brushing on one's exposed skin is said to be utterly horrifying. Indeed some of its victims are said to have gone mad or committed suicide. There are many who sleep with a lit lamp or candle for fear of the creature, who is said only to visit in complete darkness.

Holy Sheets and Pillowdins are the archenemies of the Sheets of Eyes. They are servants of the goddess of sound sleep, The Madoona.

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