Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Engraved Arrows

It is a common practice of criminals, the guildless and other persons who lead insecure lives, to carry an arrow engraved with its owner's name. This is a reaction to the superstition that each person has an arrow 'with their name on it'; that is, one which is destined to end their life. Since there is only one such arrow in the world, by possessing it a person ensures that it can never be shot at them. It is also believed that by stealing an enemy's arrow, one may have a weapon which is certain to end their life. The arrows themselves are believed to 'want' to be stolen and used, so that they may fulfill their destiny.


  1. and like there are medieval 2nd amendment debates where half the population's like "you know that arrow's twice as likely to be used on you if you carry it around".

    keep it up, you're good at this.


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