Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Should I Write Next?

Now that The New Death and others is out, I'm wondering what I should write next. I have two different projects that are half-finished:

  • A poem of A Princess of Mars.
  • A story called All-American Detectives, with a similar premise to the comic and film Watchmen: that is, a detective story where the detectives are superheroes.
  • I was also thinking of doing a story using the Teleleli material I've been posting here. It would probably be like those old science-fiction stories where someone from Earth journeys to another world, and the emphasis is on the details of that world.
I'd be interested in hearing people's opinion. Feel free to suggest something other than any of the above. I haven't turned this into a poll, because I want to hear people's reasons rather than just get numbers.


  1. I'm gonna have to agree with TOILET WORLD! and WoD! I like the bits & pieces we've seen so far, eager to see how they add up in story form.

  2. Thanks everyone.

    By the way, there are a fair few Teleleli stories in The New Death and others (although I call it Telelee there).

  3. I'll add my reasons, now that I noticed that you wanted reasons; you have talent for humorous, poetic, and fantastical ( in the classic sense) sketchs, that are quite vivid right from the get go. I think you'd excel at something like a cross between John Carter from Mars and Beyond the gates of the silver Key (my favourite lovecraft); someone thrust in a strange land drifting from danger to wonder, recruiting allys and mastering bizarre skills, slaying princesses and seducing monsters, all while on a vast odyssey as much inward as outward.


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