Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Meeples are a race of self-replicating wooden robots. Their original builders are long-dead. They live on a fuel which is a mixture of wood, wheat and stone. They are a peaceful race, occupying their time with farming and road-building.


  1. What what!?

    But we all know there are more than builder and farmer meeples. There are robber meeples on the roads! Meeple knights in the cities! And meeple monks and heretics in the cloisters and cults!

  2. Robber meeples are just warped knight meeples.

  3. Don't forget meeple architects, merchants, livestock and monarchs. The little gonks have an entire self-sufficient society going on!

    Just a thought: Meeples + Klarkash Ton = Carcaveroigne...


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