Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gods' Tongues

In certain seas, though not the Wine-Faced Sea which breaks on Teleleli, there wash ashore objects that are popularly known as Gods' Tongues. Skeptical scholars insist that they are the corpses of some unknown sea creature. However it must be admitted that they bear a great resemblance to gigantic human tongues (they are about three feet long) and thus it is widely believed that there is an undiscovered country in the depths of the sea, peopled by at least giants if not gods.

The Tongues themselves are said to be useful in magic, especially when freshly pulled from the sea and still wet. They dry and curl up very quickly. Popular belief holds that the hypothesized sea-dwelling giants do not die naturally, but only by murder, and that their tongues therefore contain poisons of a strength beyond any known on land.

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