Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Emira's Necklace - the module.

This is one of the modules from the Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I ran, in case anyone's interested. It uses ascending AC.

The text is here (Word document), and the map is here (jpg).

The appearance of the wicked priests, and the miniature city, are by Aaron Somerville. I got them from issue 7 of Fight On! The giant arm is based on this. The stone faces are by ragnorakk from the odd74 forum.

EDIT: I've changed the link to the map, after some people reported problems downloading it.


  1. I can't get the map to work either.

    That aside, good to see this. I liked hearing about the adventure in the rpgsite threads.

  2. Fun! Mini-ninjas and the Hollow Mockeries...great! Some lovely original touches. Wicked as always, James!

  3. Apologizing in advance...

  4. I tried the map link, and it downloaded for me. Has anyone else been able to download it?

  5. I was able to use the maps by opening them as google documents.


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