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Common Telelelene Names

The distinction between first and last names is slight among the Telelelenes. Most names can serve for either (though no one has the name first and last name). Many names can also be given to both males and females.

The second name may, but does not always, indicate family. Some family lines will give the same first name to their children, or have one such name for boys and another for girls, or a special name to the first-born of each generation. Some surnames are more along the lines of nicknames, given by the person's acquaintances, sometimes in adulthood. Yet a person with such a name may give it to their children, so that it starts to be used as a family name.

Many Telelelenes, perhaps one in every four or five, have but one name.

The custom of having a middle name is unknown.

It should be noted that some items on the following list have two or more words, but are considered by the Telelelenes to be a single name.

There is little difference in names between one race and another, aside from particular religious groups and recent immigrants, since the cosmopolitan Telelelenes will use any name that they like the sound of. Thus new waves of immigration may change the names of the cityfolk out of proportion to their numbers. This tendency to innovation is counter-balanced by the common practice of consulting fortune-tellers when choosing a name, who tend to recommend names dignified by a famous sage, hero or ruler.

Note that this list only relates to birth-names. Sorcerers are often given, or give themselves, names such as Man of Hunger. Likewise, Telelelenes give cognomen or nicknames to famous people, which replace the second name if one exists. Thus the explorer Haroun Timeandtide became Haroun the Wretched. This is simliar to the practice in our world of giving names to historical rulers (such as William the Conquerer or Nicholas the Bloody). However in Teleleli it is applied during the person's life, and may be applied to explorers, philosophers and the like as well as rulers.

  1. Abanazir
  2. Agatha3 7
  3. Agnes3 7
  4. Ajibayo1
  5. Ambrosia3 5
  6. Ammat-Baal2
  7. Anaxagoras4 5
  8. Appolonia2
  9. Arnheld4 6
  10. Arnthrud2
  11. Artemisios1
  12. Athousandapologies
  13. Atkins4 6
  14. Barelegs6
  15. Beloved
  16. Be-Steadfast
  17. Betrys2
  18. Biddy3 7
  19. Blood-On-The-Arm
  20. Boneless
  21. Bright Skin
  22. Brightness
  23. Bukawayo
  24. Cathlin3 7
  25. Charis2
  26. Chariton1
  27. Crumhorn
  28. Damael
  29. Deanna3 7
  30. Dionysia2
  31. Djemmela3 5
  32. Dodekatheon1
  33. Ektor4 5
  34. Epaminondas1
  35. Euphemia3 5
  36. Few-Clothes
  37. Freygerd2
  38. Gadabout
  39. Geirmund1
  40. Goodenough6
  41. Goody3 7
  42. Greedyguts6
  43. Grimhildr2
  44. Halfempty
  45. Halfull6
  46. Hassan1
  47. Hekabe2
  48. Hekabe3 5
  49. Hekatotaratos1
  50. Highpants6
  51. Hisvet3 5
  52. Iakkos4 5
  53. Ichabod4 5
  54. Idris
  55. Ingrid3 7
  56. Ingvar4 5
  57. Ishtar-rabi-at2
  58. Isisnofret2
  59. Jobsworth
  60. Kallistrate2
  61. Kittybiscuits
  62. Lackland6
  63. Leofric1
  64. Longshanks6
  65. Macabee
  66. Macout
  67. Neferu2
  68. Notsoblind
  69. Nur-ishtar1
  70. Obadiah4 5
  71. Olwen2
  72. Owl-Waits-For-The-Moon
  73. Padrath
  74. Perdus
  75. Perilandera2
  76. Prudence3 7
  77. Ragnvald1
  78. Seti1
  79. She-Is-Not-Sterile3
  80. Sidebottom
  81. Sigrid3 5
  82. Sigrun2
  83. Silka3 5
  84. Skallagrim1
  85. Snorri4 6
  86. Solemn7
  87. Sparrow
  88. Sun
  89. Taruk1
  90. Tasmetum-sharrat2
  91. Temperance7
  92. Tibbletibtub
  93. Timeandtide
  94. Two Souls
  95. Ummi-waqrat2
  96. Viola3 7
  97. Violet3 7
  98. Wobblebottom
  99. Yashub-yahad1
  100. Young Jewel
1 This name is used as a first name, or single name, for males only. It may be used as a second name for either gender.
2 This name is used as a first name, or single name, for females only. It may be used as a second name for either gender.
3 This name is used for females only.
4 This name is used for males only.
5 This name is never used as a second name. It can be used as a first or single name.
6 This name is never used as a single name. It can be used as a first or second name.
7 This name is only used as a first name, never as a second or single name.

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