Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Arrow-Sellers.

This shop is run by a gnome couple. As well as normal bows and arrows, it has a fine selection of specially-made arrows with different heads. Some examples of their stock are:
  • Handcuff arrows, for non-lethally subduing an opponent.
  • Boxing glove arrows, which may have the same effect. Some monsters, when hit with a boxing glove arrow, have felt sorry for the wielder of such a ridiculous weapon, and allowed them to depart in peace. At other times it might cause the victim to fatally under-estimate their opponent.
  • Jiu-Jitsu arrows: the head is a glass vial containing an imp skilled in martial arts. A disadvantage of these arrows is that they sometimes fail to shatter on impact. If this happens, and close combat ensues, the reader is advised to be careful not to step on the vial.
  • Oxygen-mask arrows. These arrows have to be successfully fired at someone's face to be of any use. I suggested to the gnomes that they could just make the masks to be applied by hand, but they became very upset, and refused to serve me. They now have a policy of not selling these to anyone unless they buy a bow at the same time or bring one to the shop. They will also refuse to serve anyone who they suspect will try and remove the masks from the arrow.
  • Arrows which split into nets.
  • Water arrows. These are mostly useful for putting out fires at long range, either for fire-fighting purposes, or to douse torches so that one may creep unobserved. They are also effective against certain creatures such as Fire Elementals.
  • Bent arrows, for shooting around corners. These can be combined with any head listed here.
  • 'Arrows' which are in fact highly disciplined snakes, which wrap around the target on impact.
  • Arrows whose head is a vial containing concentrated logic, a substance which acts as an antidote to magic.
  • Arrows whose head is a quick-spreading moss. The moss allows one to walk quietly.
The place has an unsavoury reputation, due to rumours that the owners are associated with the Seventh-Day Inventists.

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