Friday, August 27, 2010

The House of Ill-Ease

The owners of this house spent the last thirty years of their life overseeing constant additions to their house. It is filled with such things as furnished rooms with windows but no doors, staircases that lead nowhere, an apparent cupboard which turns out to be a corridor, and that corridor leading to a dead end, and so on.

Nor did they limit themselves to the house; for a network of tunnels runs under the grounds, without apparent purpose. A person might enter a tunnel behind a false bookcase in the house, and find themselves exiting in an empty field. It is said that the owners never even used the tunnels.

Some say that they sought to give charity to those they employed, without injuring their pride. Others say that they were cursed to die when they stopped building, and that having exhausted the family fortune they did indeed die. Yet that same fortune, according to others, is hidden somewhere in the grounds. Still others say that the house makes sense if viewed from an angle beyond the normal three dimensions.

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