Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Celestial Muse

It is unclear if the Celestial Muse is a goddess, or even alive. She is not the subject of regular worship, and has no temple nor priests.

It is said that every thousand years or so there comes a time when she may be courted with flowers and ardent poems, brilliant of wit and rigourous in form. If this is achieved, then she will appear "as a face in the sky". Some say this refers to a bright star. Others speak of the Muse literally appearing as a face. All agree that it can only be seen in a small area, and that its influence only extends over this area.

For as long as she stays, it is said that everyone's thoughts will run more quickly and purely. Some versions of the story say that she whispers truths to all who seek them. Others say that she sings a song which stirs the blood. The mathematician will find all problems easy, as if numbers were arranging themselves into the correct answers. The poet will find the necessary word always first in their thoughts. The paths of the forest will seem clear and true, so that no one will be lost, even at night. And, likewise, off-notes will nowhere be heard and all will sing like birds.

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