Monday, September 13, 2010

The Lost Fleet

Sailors talk of a fleet somewhere in the Wine-Faced Sea or in outlying oceans, which never enters any port, but continues sailing forever.

They are careful to distinguish this Lost Fleet from the various stories of ghost ships, sea-giants who wear a hat resembling a ship in order to lure prey, and other horrors. The Lost Fleet are said to be humans. Indeed some say that they have been friendly, giving packages of food and fresh water, or allowing sailors to rest for a time on their craft. They are agreed to never let a visitor wander freely or stay long, however.

If they exist, they are clearly not lost as such, for they have been known to flee from ships.

Their language is said to be unlike any other.

Some say they travel on conventional ships, while some speak of a single, gigantic raft. Others report villages of metal, with long legs that allow them to walk through the sea like waders at the beach. Yet others refer to giant swans, with each family having a house on the back of a single swan, and one black swan which is reserved for their greatest hero.

Their origin, and the reasons for their self-isolation, are unknown.

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