Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bonds of Friendship

These two magic items appear to be woven wristbands with a pattern of brightly-coloured stripes.

They fit tightly around the wrist, adjusting themselves to the wearer.

If two people wear one Bond each, they will be forced into a magic 'friendship'. This will not alter one's opinion on the other. However they must invite each other to any celebrations they host, confess to the other who they favour romantically, and share their food. They will be unable to denounce the other to any authorities, nor directly harm the other.

The two will also magically be aware of the other's name and location, even if they were strangers beforehand.

The Bonds may not be cut off, but one may be able to work their hand free (possibly requiring breaking it), or the knot may be untied. Severing the hand will also free the victim from the Bonds' influence.

It is not known what would happen if one person wore both Bonds, or if one were placed on a corpse.

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