Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Words of Ruin

It is said that sometimes words appear on the walls of towns or cities, with no known origin, and that soon afterwards the place will be visited by some all-consuming disaster.

Some who have visited the scene of recently destroyed settlements have described nonsensical strings of letters and numbers. Others have reported seeing words too faint to be read. Still others have reported that the words are nothing but banal and perfectly harmless observations.

It is said by some that when Atnos first decreed its policy of carving all knowledge on its walls, an evil incantation asked to be included. But the city rejected it. In fury, the incantation declared that it would appear everywhere, and bring destruction to undo the work of Atnos.

Others say that the words are extracts from the accursed book Azaf.

The mystic Arah-Sharrat claims that the words are commands in the ultimate language of reality, and unmake the world itself.

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