Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mummies' Bandages

In lands where mummification is practiced, the bandages of mummies are believed to have healing properties. They are used in medicine as follows:

First the patient must procure a bandage that is exactly as tall as themselves.  This bandage must then be inscribed with calligraphy and paintings of a religious and magical nature. The patient wears the bandages, not removing them even to bathe, for a period of several days. Lastly, the bandages are wrapped around a goat, pig or similar creature, which is driven into the wilderness.

The sickness is believed to be transferred to the animal. However, somewhat paradoxically, the bandages are also believed to become highly toxic, so that even to touch them can cause death. Some believe that they become poisonous snakes. Demons and sorcerers of these lands are often depicted as wearing such bandages, either in their original form or turned into snakes, around their necks.

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