Thursday, May 19, 2011

Orcs, Half-Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs, Trolls etc as Player Characters

These creatures must be Fighters.

They have no level limit. Since they tend to be outcasts, they will not retire to become leaders of their kind.

They get +2 to hit with hand to hand weapons, and can't use armour other than leather. They can use shields.

Human barbarians should be treated the same way.


  1. Your pirates post disappeared while I was commenting on it. Here's my comment:

    I'm a new reader, don't know the rest of your rules or world, so I have nothing to say about balance. These suggestions are from general genre emulation:

    How common is swimming? It was rare among Earth seafarers before the 20th century, although of course Errol Flynn swam all over the place (and Johnny Weismueller, of course).

    The cutlass thing is charming, but no daggers or clubs? No use of a cloak as an improvised shield?

    I'd give them a bonus on haggling and contacts, as I would to thieves. Other professions may have guilds, I'd say pirates have argot and broader networks of reputation, which should play a big role in their ability to function as pirates.

    Totally with you on the spendthrift aspect. But what self-respecting pirate ever buys a ship? I'd make it a point of honour that they have to be stolen, or they're not really yours.

  2. Sorry about deleting the pirate class. After putting it up I realised that the amount of extra rules probably isn't worth what it brings to the game. I might try to do something with background skills instead.

  3. fair enough. Around the same time I read 9and30kingdoms' post about having only 4 classes available in any one place, a rule that helps places to be distinctive, and it seemed to me it would be interesting to have some part of the world where there were no thieves, only pirates. Or, perhaps better, some place where the monk niche in society was filled by pirates, or vice versa.


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