Monday, October 17, 2011

Fantasy-themed stamps from Australia Post

Australia Post recently put out this set of stamps, called Mythical Creatures. This is a bit of a pet subject of mine, but it reminded me how fantasy in general popular culture is quite different to fantasy as represented in role-playing. D&D and other games seem to have a lot more 'sex and violence', in the form of female nudity and concentration on weapons and armour, than you'd get in most representations of fantasy worlds (heavy metal album covers and the work of Frank Frazetta being obvious exceptions, and perhaps that's what a lot of D&D artists were inspired by). In this case the differences between new and old versions of D&D don't really matter.


  1. I wish there where more stamps like that out there!

  2. Hi there, I'm the illustrator of the stamp set, I was very interested to hear your thoughts on the subject, it's always been a mission of mine to kind of balance the 'hard-edged, sex and violence' kind of fantasy with a little whimsy... Great blog btw!



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