Sunday, February 20, 2011


As I have noted, scientific knowledge in Teleleli and surrounding lands is mostly the property of individuals, and dies with them.

The ancient city of Atnos declared a bold rebellion against this practice. They decreed that all knowledge should be written on the city walls, to be freely used by all. Even magic was to be freely shared, under the doctrine of open sorcery.

Alas, the city fell. It is not known why. Some say they uncovered knowledge that no one could have discovered by themselves, which drove them mad. Others say that, on the contrary, they were destroyed by wizards or priests who feared their monopoly would end. Of course, their fall may have had nothing to do with their policy.

Those who live near the ruined city certainly believe that knowledge was to blame. They now worship ignorance, in the form of a blind idiot god who lives in the ground. Were it not for their fear, they would certainly have obliterated all writing on the walls of Atnos.

They believe that knowledge is spiritually dangerous, so that only priests can safely face it. Some very pious people blind themselves, lest they accidentally learn from observing the world.

They do not welcome travellers, who bring knowledge of the world, and are suspected (usually rightly) of wanting to view the walls of Atnos.

If one avoids the people, most of the city itself is ruled by talking wild dogs. They are divided into two packs, whose alphas are Snoop Manny Man and Will Feral.

There is also rumoured to be a colony of zeru, or albinos, living in the city. They are said to have braved the many dangers of this place to escape persecution. In some places the ignorant will kill or exile them, believing them to be cursed and 'carriers' of bad luck. Sorcerers also hunt them, prizing their body parts as ingredients in magic. Their bad reputation may come from a confusion with underground-dwelling humans, or with the various albino animals that live in sewers.

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