Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cedar Mountain, or See-the-Mountain

One morning the people of the city which stands on this mountain woke with an unspoken unity of purpose. They closed the city gates, and no one has travelled in or out since. There are now no gates at all, just a solid wall.

Foreigners visiting the city on that night apparently shared the decision, and residents of the city who were away on the night claimed to be as baffled by it as everyone else.

The only time the people of the city are seen (if indeed they are still people) is on certain nights when figures may be dimly seen walking the walls. They are clearly not guards. A dozen might walk on one section of the wall, and none on another. And what could a person on such a high wall see at night in any case?

The people of the city communicated, in a sense, with the outside world for exactly one week after sealing themselves in. In response to any and all enquiries, they would respond that the dead would now bury themselves.

Some former citizens, who were elsewhere on the fateful night, have made a village on the side of the mountain. The traveller who wishes to investigate may find help and information here.

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