Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Isle of the Iguanas

This island is inhabited by talking iguanas.

Like their mute cousins talking iguanas have a tiny third eye, the 'parietal eye'. Talking iguanas use it to see the spirit world, and to communicate with one another (they are entirely unable to speak). Naturally it is not known whether normal iguanas can do either. This eye has no ability to see the normal world.

Like halflings they are masters of camouflage, almost invisible in the forest.

Because they communicate using their third eye, and their facial expression does not change with their emotions, they seem emotionless to humans (and vice-versa).

The high priest of the island, and its king (for he is always male), takes the name Father. He is encouraged to engage in all manner of debaucheries, to show his power over sin. He also mortifies his flesh, to show his contempt for the body and his spiritual nature. An excess of self-torture is an essential characteristic for an iguana who would attain senior rank in the priesthood. This means that the senior priests tend to be fanatical and unbalanced.

The island is a place of fear at night since the Father is given the power to turn into a cheetah, in which form he roams, with a "heart full of fire", searching to destroy.

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