Friday, March 4, 2011


Some travellers report being hired by a local merchant, who had entered into a criminal scheme to transfer thousands of nambers out of the distant kingdom of Girenia.

A scribe in this kingdom, they were told, was given care of the money by a local adventurer, as he obviously could not take it on expedition with him. Sadly, the adventurer was killed by evil cultists, leaving no heirs.

The scribe, unable to move the money himself, needed someone to pretend to be the adventurer's relative and thus have legal claim.

When the travellers arrived in Girenia, they found that the scribe needed money for various bribes, paperwork etc. After handing over much of their wealth they began to suspect that Scribe Thomas Nkembe was not telling the whole truth.

Their belated suspicions were correct. They had fallen victim to the infamous Girenian Money Scam, which continues to bring wealth into this kingdom.


  1. This is pure awesome - I love what you've done here. An exciting adventure, plus hilarious to the players because of the source :)


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