Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Tablelands

This land is named for its inhabitants, a species of living table.

Tables are mostly sterile. Non-sterile tables are called Multiplication Tables. Like bees, the common tables will be suicidal in their defence of these fertile tables.

Their wizards or priests, the Actuarial Tables, are said to have the power to predict future events.

The species is mostly fairly friendly. However a few go insane and live in the wilderness. These fierce Random Tables are the terror of any travellers who cross their path.

Tables rarely venture from their home. However the place is also home to a species of living armchair, who are more likely to roam. Armchair Adventurers are useful to a party of travellers, since they can be rested on, giving a better night's sleep than the floor of a tomb or forest.


  1. sweet.

    the doom patrol fought some tables once.

    no, wait, it was chairs.

    and it was in a dream sequence.



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