Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Conspiracy of Equals

This organisation is devoted to the overthrow of all rulers, and the sharing of all wealth.

They are loosely structured by conviction, and for security.

Leaving no records and raising no monuments, the history of the group is unknown, even to themselves. They believe that they were founded by "fathers and mothers, who came out of the ground from a cave."

My research has led me to the story of the uprising of the Roman slaves, led by Spartacus. The slave army is said to have split into three. One part, led by Spartacus, marched on Rome and was destroyed. A second part, convinced by the arguments of Crixus the German, marched over the Alps and out of the Roman Empire. But the fate of the third part is unknown. It may be that the founders of the Conspiracy were none other than this lost band - especially since they are said to have included Egyptian slaves of great learning.

It is rumoured that some of the Conspiracy meet in the sewers beneath Teleleli.

The society uses many emblems, including the 'Baccara' or black rose, a mother holding a child, and a Bird-In-Hand, one of whose 'hands' is human and the other goblin.

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