Monday, October 4, 2010


A rat-queen begins when two or more normal rats' tails become intertwined. The tails may become stuck together, for example by blood or dirt, and will then grow into a knot.

The rats will try to ensnare other rats, and will become more and more cunning as more rats become joined.

At last, when there are 36 rats, they will become of one mind, with great intelligence and malice. They will dominate normal rats, and both queen and servants will attack people and livestock. They will spread disease, even more than normal rats.

It is said that a rat-queen can cause her heads and claws to seperate from her body, and do evil on their own. If the top of the claws, the bottom of the head, or the equivalent parts on the body, are covered with certain of the Noble Spices, they will not be able to re-attach, and that rat will die.

When one or more of the rats in a rat-queen dies, the rat-queen will diminish in power. However it will remain a rat-queen as long as two rats remain alive. Rats which are seperated will become normal rats, and run from the rat-queen in apparent terror.

Some say that a rat-queen and her servants will only attack people who sleep in their own beds. Thus, after an attack, many will sleep on their porch or in the streets.

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