Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unreliable Guardians

The creatures, or people, are enemies of the Angels of Poetic Injustice. Often they will not turn up when Angels threaten. At other times, they will give advice only. At yet others, they will do anything but show themselves to the feared automotons. And at other times again, they will take up their sword and fight. It is unclear how they determine what role to take.

They appear to be men and women of great age, but unusual vitality. They are long of hair (including a white beard in the case of those that appear as males), and wear plain clothes like those of country folk, usually of grey or brown. They wield swords. Some who claim to have spoken to them say that they mention historical events as if they were present. Some authorities speculate that they are long-lived, others that they are able to travel in time, still others that they lie in un-aging sleep most of the time, waking only when they decide to take a hand in the affairs of the Angels of Poetic Injustice.

It is not known whether they are related to the Come-at-a-Bodies, a group which appears to also oppose the Angels of Poetic Injustice, but who appear as human-sized scorpions.

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