Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yafir and Yiraf

Travellers in the underworld sometimes find that the layout of the place appears to make no sense. They might find a large monster in a room, with no way for it to get out, and no apparent source of food. Or they may find a kindly hermit living next door to a band of murderous cultists.

The explanation is that large parts of the underworld have more than the normal three spatial dimensions. In the first case there will indeed be an exit and a source of food, but it will lie in a direction that the monster can see but the explorers cannot. In the second case the opposite will be true: the explorers will have travelled in a direction that is invisible to the hermit and cultists.

A similar effect can prevail in the deepest forest where no humans dwell. This can account for the sometimes otherworldly or magical nature of events there.

The sage Isaac the Loquacious says that the extra dimensions are named Yafir and Yiraf. Each direction, he writes, may be entreated to reveal itself. He states that Yafir is like an adult, and must be wooed as one would a lover, with gifts of precious stones and the Noble Spices, and sweet music and poetry of appropriate subject. Yiraf, on the other hand, is like a child, whose moods and taste change from one day to the next, so that a toy or sweet which was a favourite today may be refused with angry contempt tomorrow.

The Glorious Hand of Arriving By the Nameless Path may allow one to travel these directions, or may work on another principle altogether.


  1. Very cool. Especially the idea that these other dimensions are semi-sentient with their own desires.


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