Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Word of Caution

On the subject of labour, it should also be noted that "no one hires a butterfly to carry wood or a maggot to dance." A band of armed, scarred vagabonds might be employed as farm labourers. Perhaps there is a shortage of 'hands', or the farmer took pity on them. But they should ask themselves whether, perhaps, they have been hired for some other work. Is there a feud? Might they be asked to take young Cadwyn with them as far as the next city, and avoid patrols if you can? Are there missing children, and rumours of voices from under the river at night? Perhaps young Cadwyn only wants to escape the semi-slavery of life under a noble, using the traveller as a human shield as it were. But truly is it said, "the seed is not planted for the ground's sake".

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