Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beautiful Lady Sebastienne

Beautiful Lady Sebastienne is the consort of the God of Unnatural Death.

She may be offered sacrifices (or 'bribes') such as spices, silks or shells. She is said to love human hearts best of all, which her worshippers call 'fruit of the machete' or 'fruit of the spear'.

These offerings may be buried in graveyards, places of execution, the sites of suicides and similar places. Newly-harvested fields are also associated with the Beautiful Lady. The cutting and gathering of the crop is said to remind her of the gathering of souls into death. This may be one reason why the machete is said to be used by her followers (although it may also be that the machete, as a common tool, may not arouse the same suspicions as a spear or sword).

Beautiful Lady Sebastienne is, in some places, the god of lepers and like outcasts, and of those whose crimes are so grave that no other god will hear their prayers. She is said to refuse no worshippers, since death takes all. Thus she is given such titles as Mother of the Pedarests, and The Bokers' Mistress. It is said that she even accepted the sacrifice of the unclean hyena, from one too simple to realise his blasphemy, though it made her sick.

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