Friday, November 5, 2010


The followers of this lion-headed god recruit the poor and desperate from the streets of Teleleli, inviting them back to their temple, or 'barracks', where they are fed.

This noble work has not dismissed their ill reputation. This is partly because of rumours that they pressure people into undergoing rituals of initiation which can involve beatings and even death.

Nara's followers are also said to steal the idols of other gods (and some say they even kidnap the gods themselves). They bring them to the Grand Barracks, which lies many miles from Teleleli, where Nara stands before an eternal pyre. The offerings are burnt at his feet, so that he is ever wrapped in the rising smoke of idols, stupified in ecstatic dreams of evil.

Every so often, it is said, the High Priest is also thrown into the flames. This is called the doctrine of papal inflammability.

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