Monday, November 1, 2010

The Great Isle of the Tattooed

In days past a witch-priest of the God of Unnatural Death was captured and sentenced to death. The warlock demanded that his bones be buried with respect, lest he curse the royal line. The queen of the place refused, and on the contrary caused his bones to be disposed of in three places, and all records of the places destroyed, so that no one could ever perform proper burial.

The curse followed soon after. The queen died of confusion after becoming addicted to cold turkey.

Her daughter now sat on the steel throne, but after some years went entirely insane, and stopped living in a fantasy world.

The second queen having no children, a noble of the place was acclaimed king. He had no wish for the throne, but once on it he became frightened of plots against him. Almost all implements were forbidden, for fear of assassination. And so the peasants dig in the earth with their bare hands. They curse his name, the king is said to go disguised among his people at night and kill any who recognise him, and the snickering of Hollow Mockeries has been heard in the land.

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