Sunday, November 7, 2010


Scarab-Rabbit is a trickster-hero, worshipped especially by talking rabbits.

'Scarab' has associations with persistence, and with gold. The latter is because the sun is believed by some to be a dung ball pushed across the sky by a scarab or dung beetle (some have concluded that, since there are so many stars and so many insects, the creator of the universe must love them best. Thus they conclude that the Sun-Scarab must be the creator of the universe, and the stars must be the same as the sun).

Because of its association with the sun, the scarab can also symbolise one who 'rises again' from seeming defeat.

The name 'Scarab-Rabbit' thus indicates his character as one who is clever, and who never gives up. In most stories he is seemingly defeated. only to come up with a clever plan to triumph in the end.

Scarab-Rabbit has 'absorbed' many of the stories of similar gods and heroes from other people. Perhaps his nature as a sly trickster makes it easy to accept that The Goblin Who Said He Could Eat the Moon, or the Dingo Spirit of the Downunderworld, was really Scarab-Rabbit in disguise. And, indeed, in many stories he disguises himself to confound his enemies.

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