Thursday, July 14, 2011

HP Lovecraft's Commonplace Book: entries 81-120

81 Marblehead—dream—burying hill—evening—unreality. [x] [Festival?]
82 Power of wizard to influence dreams of others.
83 Quotation
“. . . a defunct nightmare, which had perished in the midst of its wickedness, and left its flabby corpse on the breast of the tormented one, to be gotten rid of as it might.”—Hawthorne
84 Hideous cracked discords of bass musick from (ruin’d) organ in (abandon’d) abbey or cathedral. [Red Hook]
85 “For has not Nature, too, her grotesques—the rent rock, the distorting lights of evening on lonely roads, the unveiled structure of man in the embryo, or the skeleton?”
Pater—Renaissance (da Vinci).
86 To find something horrible in a (perhaps familiar) book, and not to be able to find it again.
87 Borellus says, “that the Essential Salts of animals may be so prepared and preserved, that an ingenious man may have the whole ark of Noah in his own Study, and raise the fine shape of an animal out of its ashes at his pleasure; and that by the like method from the Essential Salts of humane dust, a Philosopher may, without any criminal necromancy, call up the shape of any dead ancestor from the dust whereinto his body has been incinerated.” [Charles Dexter Ward]
88 Lonely philosopher fond of cat. Hypnotises it—as it were—by repeatedly talking to it and looking at it. After his death the cat evinces signs of possessing his personality. N.B. He has trained cat, and leaves it to a friend, with instructions as to fitting a pen to its right fore paw by means of a harness. Later writes with deceased’s own handwriting.
89 Lone lagoons and swamps of Louisiana—death daemon—ancient house and gardens—moss-grown trees—festoons of Spanish moss.
90 Anencephalous or brainless monster who survives and attains prodigious size.
91 Lost winter day—slept over—20 yrs. later. Sleep in chair on summer night—false dawn—old scenery and sensations—cold—old persons now dead—horror—frozen?
92 Man’s body dies—but corpse retains life. Stalks about—tries to conceal odour of decay—detained somewhere—hideous climax. [Cool Air]
93 A place one has been—a beautiful view of a village or farm-dotted valley in the sunset—which one cannot find again or locate in memory.
94 Change comes over the sun—shews objects in strange form, perhaps restoring landscape of the past.
95 Horrible Colonial farmhouse and overgrown garden on city hillside—overtaken by growth. Verse “The House” as basis of story. [Shunned House]
96 Unknown fires seen across the hills at night.
97 Blind fear of a certain woodland hollow where streams writhe among crooked roots, and where on a buried altar terrible sacrifices have occur’d—Phosphorescence of dead trees. Ground bubbles.
98 Hideous old house on steep city hillside—Bowen St.—beckons in the night—black windows—horror unnam’d—cold touch and voice—the welcome of the dead.
99 Salem story—the cottage of an aged witch—wherein after her death are found sundry terrible things.
100 Subterranean region beneath placid New England village, inhabited by (living or extinct) creatures of prehistoric antiquity and strangeness.
101 Hideous secret society—widespread—horrible rites in caverns under familiar scenes—one’s own neighbour may belong. [x]
102 Corpse in room performs some act—prompted by discussion in its presence. Tears up or hides will, etc.
103 Sealed room—or at least no lamp allowed there. Shadow on wall. [x]
104 Old sea tavern now far inland from made land. Strange occurrences—sound of lapping of waves—
105 Vampire visits man in ancestral abode—is his own father.
106 A thing that sat on a sleeper’s chest. Gone in morning, but something left behind.
107 Wall paper cracks off in sinister shape—man dies of fright. [x] [Rats in Walls]
108 Educated mulatto seeks to displace personality of white man and occupy his body.
109 Ancient negro voodoo wizard in cabin in swamp—possesses white man.
110 Antediluvian—Cyclopean ruins on lonely Pacific island. Centre of earthwide subterranean witch cult.
111 Ancient ruin in Alabama swamp—voodoo.
112 Man lives near graveyard—how does he live? Eats no food. [x]
113 Biological-hereditary memories of other worlds and universes. Butler—God Known and Unk. p. 59. [Belknap]
114 Death lights dancing over a salt marsh.
115 Ancient castle within sound of weird waterfall—sound ceases for a time under strange conditions.
116 Prowling at night around an unlighted castle amidst strange scenery.
117 A secret living thing kept and fed in an old house.
118 Something seen at oriel window of forbidden room in ancient manor house.
119 Art note—fantastick daemons of Salvator Rosa or Fuseli (trunk-proboscis).
120 Talking bird of great longevity—tells secret long afterward.

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