Saturday, July 23, 2011

extracts from Tupac Shakur's Commonplace Book

This article is a parody of HP Lovecraft's Commonplace Book. I didn't think it was that funny, but some of the ideas were good, especially at the start of the article.

The complete article, by Zack Parsons, is here.

1 A nigga look in an antique mirror and his face is a skull (murder? He own death?)

2 Dice from hell - nigga wins and then dies and then another nigga picks up the dice

3 An inhuman nigga comes up out of a book

4 Kids gunned down on the playground return as bats - pursue a nigga with some careless aim

5 A phantasm in the projects - warning of future niggas of great evil from out of time

6 Niggas take a wrong turn, end up lost in terrifying dream world

7 Strange colours seen by a nigga on the subway

9 Nigga finds a hat on the sidewalk puts it on and becomes king in ancient time

10 Pursued by constabulary through strange cold tunnel - voice of a pimp from past

11 Nigga shoots a witch, turns into a dog

13 Blind nigga goes in a strange dark house and comes out with unearthly goat eyes

18 wise old nigga tells fortunes by exhaling blunt smoke, forming distinct shapes. Young nigga gets his fortune told, sees his own violent demise

23 a nigga smoke some evil voodoo weed & when he exhale he blow out his soul.

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