Friday, July 1, 2011

Unspoken Water

Unspoken Water is an enchanted form of water which protects against harmful magic, and may heal the sick.

It is created by collecting running water from under a bridge that "the living have crossed and the dead have been carried over". Whatever is used to collect it must not touch the ground.

It is then carried in silence at dawn or twilight to the house of the sick person, or the area to be protected.

To give protection against harmful magic it must be sprinkled around the area in a continuous ring, then the remainder carried back to where it came and poured back in as thanks are pronounced.

To heal, a precious stone must be placed into the water. Then the sick person must drink three spoons from a wooden ladle. The remainder of the water must be carried back to its origin in the same manner as above. If the sick person's lips touch the stone, they will instantly die. The precious stone may be kept, although the sick person may never handle it, since the sickness will come back with twice its power.

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