Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brass Monkeys

These metal creatures, about the size of natural monkeys, appear to be robots but reproduce in the usual fashion.

The females, sometimes called Brazen Hussies, are known for their forthright and assertive approach to the arts of love. In this they rather resemble the Amazons; but these creatures tend towards an interest in sensual indulgence, whereas the Amazons tend towards a grimmer and more stoic approach to life.

The males are sometimes called Bronze Surfers, for going into the water is a common act of courage by which they hope to attract a mate. They are somewhat waterproof, but like all robots the water is not healthy for them.

Both sexes are terribly cold to the touch, and they thrive best in cold climates. Some have speculated that their ancestors were built as an arctic replacement for natural monkeys, who are averse to the cold; though none claim to know the reason.

Alas, unscrupulous humans have killed them for their metal bodies, which are very valuable in this metal-poor world.

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  1. I have played a character named "The Brass Monkey." He was a drunken master.


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