Sunday, December 12, 2010


This creature stands about twelve feet high. It looks like a giant clay bowl, filled with dark liquid, which appears to be its blood. It has two slender but strong tentacle-like arms, and two elephant-like legs. It is found only in regions which have hot springs.

Its normal prey seems to be flightless birds and other small animals. If threatened it will pick up victims and drop them in itself. Its habit of periodically immersing itself in hot springs means that the blood may be anything from boiling to tepid. It is sufficiently intelligent to hold birds under to stop them flying away, and to do the same to any victims who display an ability to swim.

The blood is darker and far more watery than the blood of humans. Although bitter, it is not poisonous. Indeed it gives temporary vigour to any who drink it, although some report slight sickness, and if indulged in as a habit an eventual craving for more.

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