Thursday, December 16, 2010


The goats of this world are mostly like those of our own.

However, there is a custom in some places of performing a ceremony in which the sins and evils of the community are put into a goat, which is then driven into the wilderness.

Some say that these goats will go to The Land of Thin Flowers or The Mountain of the Father of Wine.

But others say that they will stay in the wilderness, seeking to practice their sins. It is said that they do not act thus through any fault of their own, but out of an honest desire to please. The poor, stupid creatures believe that they have been sent forth with a mission.

Sometimes one will see a goat sold as a goat of covetousness. Adventurers may buy them, since they are said to have the ability to seek out treasure, although they must be restrained from eating it once it is found. Likewise purported goats of anger or vanity are sometimes sold as useful in battle, if they are handled carefully. The owner tells the goat that it has been insulted by an enemy, causing the goat to attack.

Some say that those goats who are filled with excesses of lust become fauns. Likewise Hollow Mockeries are sometimes said to be goats of spite and malice.

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