Friday, December 17, 2010

The Knower of Good and Evil

This creature lives in the middle of an icy waste, far from Teleleli. He appears as a grossly overweight, ruddy-faced man, clad all in red. Each year, on a particular mid-winter night, he visits every house in the area, entering by magical means. If he chooses, he will turn the children of the house into coal. He may, however, be placated with offerings of milk and cookies, or with gifts left under a tree.

It is customary for relatives to spend the time of his journeying in the same house. This is based on the theory that he will only kill one or two children in a given house, and that therefore each child's odds of survival are increased the more other children are present.

The day after his arrival, when the dead children are placed in their coffins, is known as Boxing Day.

He is also called The Laugher Amid the Ice, The All-Seer, and He Who Feeds By Night.

Some heretical folk have suggested that the creature is not real, and that the murders are carried out by parents.

(author's note: see also this).


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