Thursday, December 23, 2010


The grot-bush appears to be a normal hedge. However, as well as leaves, it produces pornography.

The life-cycle of the grot-bush is as follows. The bush will produce its pornography. This will soon be found by a small boy, who will wonder how it got there. He will take it home, where he will inseminate it in a fashion which it would be distasteful to relate in detail here, but which may be familiar to some readers. Soon the pornography will be found by his parents, and thrown out. Back in the wild it decays, germinates the seeds placed upon it, and grows another grot-bush.

Some grot-bushes appear to be trimmed, as if they were part of a garden, while others appear wild, and still others are bare of leaves altogether. The condition of the bush is directly related to that of the pubic hair depicted in its unusual fruit.

The exception to this rule is a few grot-bushes who are trimmed into unusual and fashionable shapes - as if they stood in the garden of a designer or artist. These bushes produce, not pornography, but erotica. This is exactly the same thing, but on better-quality paper.

Some sages have wondered whether there is some kind of equivalent, whose life-cycle involves girls instead of boys. These sages are always male. Female sages know that girls have no need of half-decayed pages found in public parks, as girls are allowed to openly purchase pornography (or as they call it, romance novels).

There are equivalents to grot-bushes for gay boys. Rather than bushes, they appear to be long, thick trees, thrusting boldly into the sky.

In the past some sects have tried to drive the grot-bush extinct. However they have been opposed by lovers of nature and/or pornography.

It is said that there is a strain of grot-bush, mutated or some say posessed, which drives the boys who partake of its fruit mad. Some say they start to worship and obey the bush.

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