Sunday, December 5, 2010


Centaurs define kinship by their lower, animal-like parts. There are five branches, as follows:

HorseTend to be bigger and more intimidating than other centaurs.
DonkeyTend to be braver than other centaurs.
ZebraTend to be more attractive, but worse at hiding, than other centaurs.
CamelTend to be able to endure heat and go without water for longer than most centaurs.
Mountain GoatTend to be sure-footed, and better at climbing than most centaurs (although centaurs in general are terrible climbers).

Hippohemianthropoi (singular hippohemianthropos) are to hemianthropoi, or halflings, as horse-bodied centaurs are to humans. That is, they have the upper bodies of halflings and the lower parts of ponies. They regard themselves, and are regarded by centaurs (though not by most humans), as a completely separate species.

Centaurs regard having someone ride on their back as extremely intimate. They generally will not allow anyone other than a lover to do so, and even then not where anyone can see, as the sight is considered indecent.

Almost all centaurs tend strongly towards an extreme of personality: either extremely scholarly and refined, or extremely wild and fierce.

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